More BBC bias

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As reported in the commentator

We agree with this

Never mind about the numbers of newspapers purchased by the BBC. Notice how many of the  media guests invited into radio stations (5live and Radio 4) are from the Guardian and the Independent,  and how few from the Telegraph and the hated Mail. I tried an Freedom of Information request, which was quickly rejected. It was made clear that appeals on this issue, always failed


“It is irrelevant that, when combined, the BBC’s newspaper purchases lean to the right. It is the duty of a public service broadcaster – especially one heavily engaged in the news business – to equip its employees with a complete set of the day’s papers, but that isn’t what the figures show. They show a heavy leaning to one paper in particular and logic would lead even an imbecile to infer that this relates more to an affinity with the Grauniad’s political leanings than any, perhaps, accident. It certainly doesn’t prove the opposite.

“Combine the above statistics with the ample evidence of bias from biasedbbc.org and bbcwatch.org and the BBC’s contempt for the majority of the population is irrefutable.

“Given the BBC reaches into the homes of 70% – 80% of the population, on any given week, its adolescent socialist posturing has become a grave threat to the long-term successful future of this country, so the broadcaster must be brought to heel. To do this the Licence Fee must become voluntary, as a first step towards transforming to a subscription model, bringing to an end the disgusting requirement to buy a yearly state licence to own a television.”

Together with Guido’s attack on UKIP and apparent protection of the BBC from too much criticism, is the aim to protect Cameron, alongside his greatest weapon (come the referendum): the “Brussels Broadcasting Corporation”?