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BBC Bias

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Anyone who listens to the totally undeserved,  in terms of public following and popularity, time and publicity the BBC now gives to women’s football and cricket, will be completely unsurprised by  this.

The two basic functions on which the BBC was founded – to inform and entertain – have been deliberately transmuted under the regime of the metropolitan liberal-left elite that now controls it into one single objective, and that is to use their national monopoly propaganda and indoctrination power to brain-wash and socially engineer the British public into accepting their agenda – and only their agenda  – on  invasive hard-line feminism, multiculturalism and diversity.

And like their Soviet mentors if they have to publicly humiliate any backsliders in the organisation in order to do so then humiliate them they will.  When you hear, as I did recently, a well-know programme presenter refer on his regular Radio 4 slot  to a driver-less vehicle as “un-personed” you realise to what extremes they are prepared to go to make their point.  Possibly had he used the universally (outside of the BBC bubble that is) term “unmanned” he too would have forced into a humiliating apology.    On another programme recently I heard the even more ludicrous use of the word “fishers” instead of fishermen where the no doubt terrified or indoctrinated presenter felt obliged to  use it in a desperate attempt to be “gender neutral.”      All he actually showed was his ignorance and brain-washing as he could have used the perfectly non gender specific term “anglers.”

What an absolute farce, but a quite terrifying one really, especially for an organisation whose main purpose was to encourage communication between people in a common language.    So time to change the words emblazoned above the portals of the old BBC World Service building, Bush House, from “And nation shall speak peace unto Nation” to “And the BBC will now mangle the English language in order to achieve political correctness”.

Not quite so catchy but more in keeping with the brave new liberal-left world epitomised by our national broadcaster.

The BBC, trapped in a mire of liberal left assumptions and unable to see or understand their own biased institution for what it really is. It gives them the freedom to rig BBC question time audiences with left wing labour green plants without shame or hesitation. It allows them to deliberately exclude climate sceptics from making a contribution to the debate about climate change, when we were told that “the debate is over” what they really wanted was no debate at all in case their pack of lies was successfully challenged.

And that is why the BBC feels free to limit and control access of their ideological enemies to a fair and impartial representation on the BBC, this is about how the progressive liberal green left has a worldwide multi billion pound media platform and it has no intention of sharing it with any of their enemies on anything less than their terms. The BBC has no problem employing bullying thugs from the private sector to force people to pay its TV tax, hypocrisy and double standards as it profits from the kind of thuggish practices of its enforcers even as those enforcers make a great deal of money out of every member of the public they bully threaten and intimidate.

The BBC peddles a completely fabricated image about themselves because thats what all leftists do and because the truth is so unsavoury. For the good of the nation the BBC needs to sold off and fast.