Immigration – the EU’s dirtiest secret

Published on 13 May 2014

Everyone’s talking about immigration now. Everyone’s angry about the unfairness of immigration now. Everyone knows it’s wrecking Britain. It’s THE issue in this election.

And more and more people are also asking “Why?” “Where did this nation-wrecking problem come from?” “Who is to blame?”

This stunning video says exactly who’s to blame! It exposes how the Godfather of the European Union ALSO set in motion a secret plan to use mass immigration and integration to wipe the British – and all the other indigenous nations of Europe – off the face of the Earth.

The man who created the EU monster to steal our freedom also let loose immigration with the deliberate intention of denying white children a future.

But knowledge is power! Just knowing what is going on is the single most important step in the fight back. Watch! Learn! Spread the word! Join the Resistance!