They young vote Labour because they are bombarded with the BBC, comedians, pop stars, teachers and other assorted celebrities .

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They young vote Labour for some very simple reasons. Their teachers were all predominately left wing and used every opportunity to put their left wing views across when they could.

Being part of the celebrity obsessed generation, their favorite musicians/DJ’s, actors, comedians and other media personalities are all quick to tell them at every opportunity how they love Labour (despite their enormous salaries) and how they hate the evil nationalists.

Labour is a cool fashion accessory; you wouldn’t be seen dead without it. It doesn’t matter what Labour stands for, that’s not important. Being part of the great dumbed down Blair generation they go with the flow, unable to question anything and unable to give any cogent argument as to why they would vote the way they do. rp_BBC-bias-alert-300x198.jpg

Many youngsters are bombarded with the BBC, comedians, pop stars and other assorted celebrities telling them that the nationalists are “toxic” and that it is “cool” to vote Labour because it means you care. Those youngsters often don’t have the confidence in their own intellect to see through it until they’re older.

They assume that such educated and experienced people as the BBC (or academics and teachers) must be correct. I still see it in university today where many kids are afraid of being ridiculed by the highly vocal Left if they stand up and say “I vote for anybody else” (and admitting to voting for a nationalist is asking for instant friend loss), especially if they themselves come from a working class background.

Most of our young people grow up entirely in the state sector where they are brainwashed – they attend staterp_Content_60_LeavingLabour_NoLabourLarge-300x187.jpg schools where teachers are overwhelmingly foot soldiers of Labour; they get there and travel around by public transport because they cannot drive; they get their healthcare and dentistry free from the NHS because hey are young and untaxed; they watch the unashamedly statist BBC TV and listen to BBC Radio; they go online to Google, Facebook etc. which laughably all present themselves as left-leaning forces of social good.

Once you get to work, less than 50% will work for a private company in most parts of the UK. Most won’t get a mortgage until in their 30s, or pay council tax, or own a car with all its taxes and so on. Nationalist voters are largely taxpayers.

You take an interest in containing the state when it reaches into you pocket and helps itself to most of your money. This is happening later and later. Until then the British young will be overwhelmingly on the Left, the left that invaded Iraq, that cut NHS budgets, that bankrupted the UK, that binds us all in red tape and is so hateful of Britain it is turning it into a refugee camp of the world’s grasping diaspora.



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