Great Britain, its education and culture used to be a light house for other nations

The British Public knows very well what British values are but our Political Class do not which is why they prostituted Britain for that Dominion on the Continent without the electorate’s permission.

The most British value I can think of is the universal and complete rejection of anyone else’s attempt to impose values on us.

There are no “British values” other than those that spring organically from the British peoples, who are the English, Scots, and Welsh. The highest of these values is survival of our people.british culture

Ten non British values

1/ Common Law, in some areas being supplanted by Sharia Law , with the British state failing to defend Common Law.

2/ Sovereignty of Parliament, now subservient to Brussels.

3/Tolerance, hiding the moral cowardice of the state, done so it causes no offence by holding to a value.

4/ Personal freedom that is completely ignored by the State whose politicians now think they have a right to meddle in our lives.

5/ Free speech, people now are fearful of expressing an opinion lest they fall foul of the Orwellian hate speech.

6/ Private property , where the English man’s home is no longer his castle, with whole troops of Government departments allowed across the threshold, let alone private concerns allowed to buy you out with out a public enquiry.

7/ Institutions that are quintessentially British, who have either been weakened by continuous attacks on them or have been subverted by the cultural marxists.

8/ History and culture, there is a complete lack of understanding of our history, unless it is through a politically correct view point, and as for culture, haven’t you heard , our culture is only made tolerable if it has been enriched.

9/ Codified in this country but run from abroad, and where fair play has been supplanted by the cheque book.

10/ You are convicted of being a racist if you dare express any patriotism. Don’t you know we are a global bit of land where there is cultural and national equivalence for all the peoples of the world. Britain is now everything and so nothing.

If you want to know what British values are – just witness Tower Hamlets and do the opposite.



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