We have tolerated the intolerant and hence ended up with the growth of intolerance.

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Britain is not one nation anymore and it has been brought about by the ramming of multiculturalism down our throats.

Since when did ‘tolerance’ become a ‘British value’ exactly? Can someone explain this to me? It is thanks to ‘tolerance’ that the English are set to become a minority in their own country in the coming decades, all ‘tolerance’ means is a brainwashed population who dare not complain about their own demographic genocide in their own nation because of the fear of being called ‘racist’. Its ‘tolerance’ that is destroying white people and Europe.imagesI2BWSEFF

Can we please stop talking about multiculturalism and call it what it is: anti-culturalism. It is quite evident that no matter how many times the politicos use the word ‘multiculturalism’ the invasion and corrosion of our society continues unabated and the latest measures are little more than a sticking plaster on a festering sore that needs proper excision.

Could you imagine any other country other than Britain having to go through these contortions to satisfy people such as these?

Our government have lost control of immigration, everything from asylum to arranged marriages are totally out of control.

What about the legions of multiculti marxo-cultural teachers? And all the other institutions such as the BBC that have turned their backs on British culture? Trojan Horse schools are only the tip of an iceberg liable to sink British culture compimages9ZI5AUQ3letely.

Why have we allowed this to happen by voting for politicians who keep advocating “multiculturism” . I have not met anyone in my area that wants a multicultural society. The politicians keep mouthing about the great value of being multicultural but never define what that value is. If these young people being taught by extremists end up as adults doing harm to British Christian people then these politicians are equally culpable.

How can you teach immigrants British values? If you want British values then you need British people; you do not exterminate them in their own country with a policy of mass uncontrolled immigration.

The value of tolerance, eh? All well and good but tolerance is one of the reasons we are in this mess. We have tolerated the intolerant and hence ended up with the growth of intolerance.



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