Dear Gullible Electorate-The Tory Party – the party of endless deceit.

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“Tories Won’t Release EU Negotiation Plans Ahead of General Election, Says Hague.”

That is not a surprise, since they know that the chances of bringing back any meaningful powers from the EU is zero. They also realise, that if they produce their ‘shopping list’ before the election, it can be analysed and ridiculed by the European leaders and EU commissioners.David-Cameron-Europe-speech-23-01-13

If people believe in the EU renegotiation fairytale, then they should vote Tory.

Cameron’s talk of repatriation of powers, was a ploy, used as an attempt to reduce the popularity of UKIP’s stance on Europe. The idea that 27 countries are going to vote ‘Yes’ to powers being repatriated to the UK is wishful thinking.

Dear Gullible Electorate,

We’ve got a lovely blank cheque here for you to sign – and *after* you’ve signed, we might just tell you what we’re planning to put on it

Renegotiating Britain’s terms of EU membership is not an option – its a charade – the Tories know this but are wilfully misleading the public.

How can you release the details of something that just doesn’t exist? More to the point does anyone believe Hague the vague? The bottom line is there is no plan, will be no plan and can never be one; the power brokers within the EU have told them so!
this is just a con, a desperate attempt to shore up their failing falling support as so evidenced last night by their massive loss at the ballot box!
shut up Hague, go back to your knitting, you are a waste of time money and effort!

The Tory Party – the party of endless deceit.

They’ll ‘give’ us a referendum, but won’t say what they’re negotiating for it, if anything at all. Our vote is all they want, and anybody who thinks they’ll keep their word to us shouldn’t be allowed to vote, for reasons of imbecility.

The Cameron liberals say?

‘you can trust us, no need to see proof or evidence’.

Of course they wont release details or specifics or lists of demands because there its all just another pack of lies to get them into No10 and another fixed term parliament of five years to further total integration and assimilation. Why would a regime so fanatically devoted to the EU political union create a list of demands?

And the liberal regime has had four years to create a detailed list of demands, and yet now we are being asked to believe that in all that time they have done nothing of substance? The sheer contempt they have for the electorate beggars belief, there is no list of demands, there never was on and there never will be.



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media

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