The coalition, this appalling regime, almost stands out as a star in the continuation of this record of the destruction of a once great country.

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The liberal coalition has lasted because of fixed term parliaments and the venal self serving nature of the libdems clinging onto their perks as junior coalition partner, a liberal regime put in place to oversee the handover of the UK to Brussels.

Everything the regime has done since 2010 has been designed to prepare the UK for final assimilation into the EU political union, at the end of the year the UK will have been turned into a vassal region ruled over by compliant satraps of Brussels, our historic freedoms and sovereignty handed over without our consent or in many cases without public knowledge.coaliation2

Secret trials, the idea that the state can simply take people off the street and deport them into the hands of foreign police and/or state security and effectively disappeared. We know that in some EU regions the accused can spend years in prison before trial, all it takes is the issue of an EAW and any of us can be ‘disappeared’, and don’t think this dark perversion will not be used more and more in future.

A supreme government that looks for all the world like a politburo that we cannot get rid of via the ballot box, secret trials, a political class cartel acting as the supreme governments henchmen, mass immigration running out of control and designed to destroy the social fabric of the UK with enough immigrants with no attachment or loyalty to the UK and a vested interest in the UK remaining a captive region of the UK.

The reality of this ghastly collaborator regime is very different from the spin and propaganda pumped out by the stooge client media.

Lets look at the state of the country which reflects our ‘past’ governments.
We have been imprisoned as a nation in a soviet style gulag known as the EUSSR.
Our democracy has been turned into a sham by the introduction of what is effectively a one party state.
Our sovereignty has been surrendered.
Our independence has been surrendered.
Our justice system has been surrendered.
We make 25% of our own laws – so parliament has effectively been surrendered.
We have been invaded and occupied by uncounted but mega milions of immigrants.
Many intent on undermining our culture and religion.
Our very identity as a people hangs on the balance.
We have lost the right to deport any of them by an alien European institution we have adopted.
We have lost our good name in the world by vile and unjustified not to mention illegal attacks on other sovereign states.
We are trillions in debt as a nation not to mention as a people
Our children no longer get free education and what they get is appalling.
Our health service is collapsing.
This is a record of lies, treachery and the betrayal of Britain over the past 60 years or more.
A record of incompetence and failing
The coalition, this appalling regime, almost stands out as a star in the continuation of this record of the destruction of a once great country.
They have done their bit and more.



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media

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