Note to M. Rocard. The United Kingdom did not join the European Union, we joined the Common Market

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Hey, Cameron – listen to what the ‘proper’ europhiles in France and Germany are saying: they want us to leave a.s.a.p.
You don’t listen to us plebs, perhaps you’ll listen to them!

It simply is the case that our system of governance, justice and administration is not compatible with the continental, EU one, which is based on the French centralist idea of what state, government and administration should be, and which is based on the Code Napoleon in regard to their system of justice.bnp_eussr

Btw – do not forget that our tradition of Habeas Corpus and determining what taxes can be raised by whom is based on the Magna Carta, which has its 800-year jubilee in 2015.
It is in our blood, and no europhilic contortions by Cameron and the rest of them will ever eradicate this.

The Peasants’ Revolt, The English Civil War and the American War of Independence were all sparked off by taxes.

Unfortunately, at the moment, the left in this country supports the EU (why this should be I can’t imagine.) So we are not going to see rioting in the streets just yet.

On a separate note, it is quite clear that neither Angela Merkel nor the current French administration are prepared to throw David Cameron a line to help him in his struggle against UKIP at home. At some point the EU is going to demand something outrageous and unpopular and force the issue and he will be faced with either enforcing it thereby risking his political future in the UK or refusing it and taking the risk of EU sanctions and a move to get the UK out.

So leave then before you destroy everything says Rocard. Bit late really mate, its already totally stuffed without us doing a thing, well, except sending you bunch of idiots millions of pounds a day, taking all you unemployed, giving you all our fish; basically propping up the whole bloody thing!EU Flag 1
you want us out rocard? Fine, no problem but on the way out of the door can you please advise where you want us to send all your unemployed, when you are going to get out and stay out of our fishing grounds, when we are going to get all our money returned, where you want us to send all those who have used the ECHR to stay in our country when they should have been deported… in fact we have a long list of questions.
we will however want a couple of things from you. Firstly we will need your assurance that there will be no backlash to our leaving, we like to act in a mature way but have no illusions about some of you lot, and finally, we want a favour; we need a 100% assurance that you will KEEP tony blair, we do NOT want him in our country!



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