Once the indigenous population has gone the problem still remains and so the Socialist backward thinking is laid bare for all to see.

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Stopping immigration would mean British women would have to have “a lot of children very quickly” to keep the economy afloat, according to a Labour MP.

Stella Creasy, the Labour & Co-operative MP for Walthamstow, said that Britain either needs immigration or a massive baby boom in order to support the growing number of pensioners, or else “our ability to sustain our economy” will collapse. She added that this would leave the NHS in crisis

And so the Socialist backward thinking is laid bare for all to see.

Rather than drastically reduce the disastrous levels of suicidal Socialist spendinImmigration 1g that her demented Party have foisted on the country, this half-witted woman would rather replace the entire indigenous population to keep the whole ponzi scheme going.

Of course, once the indigenous population has gone the problem still remains. The ponzi scheme will still be there. The economically illiterate left can’t seem to understand that their stupid schemes are unfunded and therefore will always require an influx of new immigrants to save the whole scheme from collapsing. Just ask Bernie Madoff how it works. Oh sorry, we can’t, he’s in prison – which is where these Marxist maniacs should be too.

“The State has the supreme right against the individual, who’s supreme duty is to be a member of the State” ~ George Hegel

The State ‘creates’ unsustainable entitlement program, then ‘claims’ that only low skilled foreigners can ‘solve’ your problem, as they willingly surrender their meagre earnings to support you. The object has always been subjugation to feudalism.

It’s true, we do need to have more children or slowly decline. However, a government that actually cared about the people of this country would look at why we are no longer able to do this, and take steps to rectify this, as opposed to importing our replacements.

Lady I would rather see this country sink into nothing as a free country than remain breathing and subservient to the damned EU!



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