How very tolerant the C of E has become. Is there any wonder they are in such chaos ?

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Church of England clergy face being defrocked if they are found to be members of the British National party or National Front after bishops ruled that the organisations’ views were un-Christian.

The church said the two groups’ views were incompatible with the teaching of the Church of England because of their respective stances on “equality of persons or groups of different races”. It is the first time clergy have formally been banned from membership of any political party. Anyone who defies the ban would be subject to disciplinary procedures.bnp_logo_1_0

The BNP is still a legitimate and lawful political party, so it should be illegal to punish people from joining it.

Interesting, the only party that ‘claims’ to give a damn about keeping Christianity going is the BNP.

Conservatives and Liberal Democrats were being un-Christian when they wanted to destroy Syria.

Very sad but, unfortunately, this is just another step in the demise of Christianity. they should stay out of politics. It has nothing to do with religion

It’s all a bit mad isn’t it? When an employer can tell an employee what his/her political views can and cannot be, the nation is in trouble. Given the general behaviour of the Church of England, I actually wonder how many of its clergy believe in God – it’s become more like a liberal social club than the church I remember. the church really needs to stay out of politics – it has enough trouble as it is given the steep decline in church attendance.

Obviously any Church that as an organisation is more bothered about the concerns of man than the concerns offood_bank_5_bnp God, is on a sticky wicket.

One wonders is this an attempt to keep the most important seats in the show ie the Bishops in the Lords , for some chosen few?

How can the Cof E afford to regulate/police the ever changing landscape in terms of particular political parties or indeed individuals? One wonders: do or should prospective clergy members, or acting clergy members have to fill in forms regarding their political persuasions? ( repeating this every year because of data control laws?)

One sincerely hopes not.

Or is the question of politics to be kept hidden, until some poor prospect or member of the clergy stumbles into it…

What next, vote for an approved party or you’ll go to hell? To be honest looking at the world today I can’t help but wonder if we’re not already there.



Juno for your news
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