Muslim only schools in muslim only areas is the first step to Sharia Law in this country

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This is the tip of the iceberg. Why it should come as a shock to anyone is quite simply a testament to the ignorance of the political class regarding the Muslim religion. The Koran contains many moral imperatives for Muslims to do exactly what the Birmingham schools have done – orthodox Muslims genuinely think they’ve done nothing wrong.

Does anyone really believe that an OFSTED inspection is going to change anything?

Does anyone really believe that an OFSTED inspection is going to change anything?

Muslims have long avowed intentions to use demographics to target urban areas to get a foothold under the pretence of ‘democracy’ and then slowly introduce Islamic law and practice. Islam has no love of democracy – it is a tool, a means to an end, as events in Egypt illustrate perfectly.

When school children start blowing themselves up in markets across the West Midlands like they do abroad then maybe Gove might have been forced to admit there was a problem..

Local communities might then start to inform the authorities of their concerns of extremism in local schools because it’s their own families body parts strewn all over the car parks of retail outlets instead of condemning them as scaremongering & accusing them of being islamaphobic. They should just re-brand them as terrorist training camps & change their names to things like Park View Madrassa..

Nick griffin is the only politician who seems to understand the catastrophic problems these schools will create in our country.. Birmingham’s muslim Labour MP’s were falling over themselves to get on the BBC news channel to say there was no such goings on in the schools..No surprise there..They know if they spoke out agreeing with the Ofsted evidence their voters would simply jump ship to parties like Respect..

So in 2008 when concerns were raised they just brushed it under the carpet exactly the same as what they did in Rochdale when the subject of Asian grooming was brought up.Muslim children used to be shipped off to Madrassa’s in Pakistan not anymore in modern day Britain.

They can access this type of education on their doorsteps nowadays .Labour will never do anything to upset their muslim voters because it’s their votes that were keeping them in Downing Street & whose votes they’ll depend on in 2015..MP’s & councillors who represent the Labour Party are as complicit in the murky world of modern day terrorism as any al qaeda leader hiding in Pakistan..Shut everyone of the above mentioned schools & every other muslim faith school down immediately..It’s the only way to be sure of what is being taught to its pupils & what isn’t.

This is just another great advertisement promoting the success of the “multiculturalism” experiment that labour & their anti-English friends at the BBC have rammed down our necks for a decade..

Muslim only schools in muslim only areas is the first step to Sharia Law in this country.

This is the direct result of “multiculturalism”. That is another word for colonisation. It is becoming clear that Islam is incompatible with the Christian or secular traditions of the UK.



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