News on the BBC – is there such a thing?

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Earlier today Neil Midgley from Forbes reported that the BBC could cut around 600 jobs in total when recently announced job losses from the BBC Radio division were included. The corporation, which relies on a state-enforced ‘licence fee’ from all TV owners in the UK, said it feared strikes as a result of the cuts.

BBC news?

News on the BBC – is there such a thing?

I have to go elsewhere for news. For the love of Jehovah, real reportage has been buried and mummified at the Beeb, where the wittering auto cuties are so full on, are the very cartoon animation of the dogmas of Cultural Marxism and of it manifestation, in Political Correctness.
But switch it on and what is there…………. but opinion pieces
uttered by jejune idiots who care not a whit about the sensibilities ofBBC 2
the wider population but only refer to their Notting Hill/Islington
chums sitting in their gilded salons.

For a fraction of the cost and by no means is it perfect but the French news channel does a much better job of actual reporting and for a fraction of the cost – to rub salt into the wounds.

Ah yes, cost – it costs me, coming out of my taxes and which is enforced [soon to be rescinded maybe?] by the law, which is bad enough but to be constantly lectured about modern ethos, secular mores and this that and the other is good for society, the lunatic idea of mass immigration – benefits …..Britain! And the skewed world view shoved down our throats by these bien pensant of the left wing orthodoZies looking thru’ their rose tinted spectrum – used to foment in me….. some rather murderous images – I had to give up watching.

The audio-visual department of the Labour Party are going to go on strike – that’s the best news I’ve heard so far this year (apart from the European election results, obviously).

– no left-wing biased news coverage;
– no hatchet-job reporting against Nationalists candidates;
– no global-warming propaganda;
– no talking down to us like we’re stupid little children;
– no tedious lefty ‘comedy’ programmes;
– no Marcus Brigstocke and
– no social justice mantra repeated over and over and over.

What’s not to like

Privatize it, and rid us of the bane of the mouthpiece of the EU – consensus be damned and the BBC with it.



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media

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