This is all just a smokescreen, Cameron can veto this man

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Let us first completely disregard the phoney battle being waged about who becomes President of the EU Commission.

Cameron needed something to demonstrate that he is prepared to take the fight to the EU. And what better than to try to prevent a personality becoming leader who’ll make no material difference to what Britain is allowed to achieve at the supposed “negotiations” – or to the rate at which the EU speeds towards economic and political union?images3R8RZVJ3

However, I am curious as to the “threat” allegedly made by Cameron that he would bring forward the date of an in-or-out referendum.
So, assuming that he is still using a referendum as an electoral sweetener : as in, we have to re-elect him in 2015 in order to get it – what does Cameron know this week about the EU’s intentions, that he didn’t know last week, that has prompted this tougher line?

If Cameron is really serious about reform involving treaty changes, as he claims, because the final decisions on treaty changes are taken by the governments of the member states.

We had this nonsense before the elections to the EU Parliament, that we should vote in lots of Tory MEPs to help Cameron with his reforms, which they could not do to any significant extent if his reforms were to involve treaty changes, and now we are having the same nonsense about the EU Commission.

Of course if Cameron is really thinking of just a few minor tweaks through secondary legislation then that is a different matter; but how would he get us freed from the treaty commitment to “ever closer union”, which he has actually said is the most important change that he wants, without treaty change?

When Cameron talks about bringing the EU referendum forward, he’s probably – with his typical appalling judgement – actually thinking about bring forward a year or more, but still after the election.

But this achieve nothing: if people don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth – which they don’t – then any date after the election is pretty much the same, as far as they’re concerned.

It would have to be at or before the next election to do the EU quisling Cameron any good.



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