The system isn’t just broken, they want it broken because they do not want the indigenous population to vote themselves back into democracy and out of the EU.

Voting fraud is a huge problem and the establishment refuse to even discuss it.
Even counting the votes is open to abuse. At the recent count for the EU elections a pile of 100 UKIP votes was neatly swept onto the Tory pile and only a very attentive UKIP observer prevented those votes being allocated to the wrong party.

Postal voting fraud is now so established, the authorities don’t know what to do to control it let alone stop it.

They should cease issuing them until a system of proper control is in place. Ballot 1
Labour won’t dare to act on this because they are the main beneficiaries, but they need to realise, their awareness of the problem and happy profit from it won’t last beyond the next election. The ethnic groups that have voted Labour via dubious methods are now at the stage of going their own way and abandoning Labour. They will start their own specific parties to progress their own agendas and the Labour party will be left wondering where there votes have gone.It will be too late by then for them to do anything about it.
It is going to get very ugly, very quickly if nothing is done to sort this out.

More Tower Hamlets anyone?

Mandleson recently admitted that he and Blair went “shopping” for suitable immigrant populations i.e. those likely to vote Labour. (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/new….
That they deliberately set out to pervert the democracy in this country is an appalling discovery. That nothing was done is even worse.
The entitlement to vote and to citizenship should have been reviewed.
But in the EU it won’t be long before Brussels will want to capitalise not simply on the Blair Immigrants but on the “free movement of workers, to allow these EU “citizens” the right to vote wherever they live in any elections.
Then where will we be? Millions of left wing immigrants from all over the former East block and all voting to stay in the EU because, perhaps, to them the EU is far better than what they are used to.

Looked at in terms of the EU’s ambition to become fully integrated, and to dissolve the nation states, this will happen. The question is which will come first? Well if the single currency is an example, expect it before 2015 rolls round.

Blair also used the excuse that voting turnouts were poor due to the difficulties of getting to the polling stations to relax the postal voting requirements. He would certainly have anticipated the consequences.postal fraud

Then there is the boundaries issue.

Cameron knew that the boundaries worked against the Tories and for labour and for the Lib Dems. In his naivety he failed to make the boundaries one of his first priorities as a part of the deal with the Lib Dems, get it done while the Lib Dems were still playing the game. He surely ought to have considered that at some point relations with the Lib Dems might turn sour as they indeed did.
He should also have reviewed the postal voting system.
Never mind the postal vote the whole system is so lax it is as if no one cares who votes or how often. Indeed, my wife is German and yet she keeps being given a polling card for local and general elections, not simply MEPs. In fact I’m pretty sure our cat could vote and, given the way votes are harvested, for all we know she already does. She probably votes more often than we do.

That the system is broken was known before 2010 and still Cameron did nothing.

The system isn’t just broken, they want it broken because they do not want the indigenous population to vote themselves back into democracy and out of the EU.



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