This is institutionalised racism, whatever else you call it.

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The disgraceful attitude of recent British Governments towards the admittance of our cousins from the old white commonwealth is another stick with which to beat them.

Norman Tebbit no less, stated clearly that human societies are tribal, and this is true, all human societies cleave to their own but the Frankfurt School and the Commissar’s of the Commission know this and that’s why they’re so keen to destabilise the nation states of Europe by mass immigration from anywhere to everywhere else.are you a racist

The thoroughly inverted value’s shown by those who have just witnessed the limits of the appeal of their message at the polling booth’s, can be seen on our streets where those who support the subjugation of our society to a harmful and backward political/religious creed can be seen proselytizing , while others of that ilk still plot to rape our children and plant bombs.

Those males are not driven from our streets but protected, while the relatives of those who fought with us and stood the lonely watches of the night and shed their blood in the common cause are denied their rights.

This is a new war being fought against us and other countries, by the political left, most of us who have known only peace need to remember the words of Ronald Regan when he said that the loss of freedom was but one generation away.

White would-be immigrants from the old Commonwealth (what was once known as The Empire), are the victims of institutionalised hatred by the liberal-progressive political and social consensus in Britain.
The prevailing view seems to be that they should be made to suffer for the supposed sins of their fathers (and grandfathers).
You know – that nasty white Zimbabwean or South African (who is actually, of British ancestry), whose immediate ancestors are thought to have waxed rich and sleek on the wickednesses of Apartheid:- he deserves to be punished.
Does n’t he?
Well, no: he does n’t. In all likelihood, he grew up after Zimbabwe’s acquisition of a black, (ex-terrorist) government in the early eighties, or after the downfall of Apartheid in 1994. (Supposing even, that his parents or grandparents before him in Zimbabwe or South Africa were in fact evil people, who themselves deserved to be punished).
It is easier for immigrants from south east Asia to gain unhindered access to Britain and all the privileges of living in Britain, than it is for white immigrants from the old Commonwealth with British forebears, but whose families have lived for two or three generations in Africa.
And that is because the various post 1960s liberal-progressive governments of Britain decided long ago that, for the sins of their fathers, they are to be punished, and refused easy or unhindered access to Britain.
This is institutionalised racism, whatever else you call it.



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