London may be lost for good – strange city in a fractured country

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London: an immigrant-boosted Labour fiefdom: intolerant and self-segregating with questionable voting practices in some boroughs. Who would have expected it? And what has the government’s response been apart from some nervous curtain-twitching when confronted by Tower Hamletsparl traitor

Maybe nobody asked but somebody did warn us and look at the thanks Enoch Powell got for his pains. He was dead right.

But, according to Tony Blair’s memoirs it was New Labour that deliberately opened the floodgates because it believed, rightly as it turned out, that most Muslim immigrants would be Labour supporters.

London is a collection of ghettos mega rich and poor and the majority of it not even British any more.

This is no accident – it was planned and executed.

It represents no one but itself and we don’t even know who they are and far too many have our destruction as their grand plan.

Thanks Labour – your anti democratic plan has worked for you but not for the nation or the British people. It has been particularly cruel to those who have come to Britain honestly, legally and with a job and a willingness to join in and not reject or destroy our British way of life and our values.

Labour’s ‘open door’ policy for voter replacement seems to be working for them.

Of course, they are helped by the MSM-assisted lying hate campaign as in:
“hostility to foreigners’ – Vince Cable, Lib Dem
“Millwall party” – Austen Mitchell, Labour
“Racists” – David Lammy, Labour
“Loonies, fruitcakes & closet racists” – David Cameron, PM, Tory.

We are supposed to believe they are three parties, when they are just one LibLabCon wrestling the UK towards the deadly cliff of ‘loss of sovereignty’, and their weapons are hate-politics, voter replacement and, intimidation via MSM & street thugs using the lie “racist”.

If you can’t win elections without fraud, rigging and importing your own voters then you do not deserve to be in what’s left of our Parliament. Fakes, robbers and traitors – the modern British Labour party. Enjoy your bacon sandwich Ed? No, it didn’t look like it – you fooled no one.



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media



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