There was a “statistically significant” increase in immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria.

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EU immigration to Britain has risen by 43,000 in the past year, in figures that were seized on by Ukip on the day of European and local elections.

David Cameron was been accused by Nigel Farage of breaking a “solemn promise” to voters after a “significant” increase in European citizens immigrating to Britain.

Some 201,000 EU citizens immigrated to the UK in the year ending December 2013, a rise on the 158,000 the previous year. The change is “statistically significant”, the Office for National Statistics said.immigrant-queue

Meanwhile, overall net migration – the difference between migrants leaving and arriving in the UK – rose to 212,000 in the period, from 177,000 the previous year.

There was a “statistically significant” increase in immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria, the ONS said – 23,000, up from 9,000 the previous year. Telegraph

So migrationwatch/Nationalists were right & Keith Vaz/BBC/Channel4news/SkyNews etc. are wrong, loads of Romanians & Bulgarians have arrived & been given National insurance numbers allowing them to leech millions of the state indefinitely, meanwhile any jobs they do, could & would have been done by the 2.5 million unemployed we already have here many of whom are immigrants.

The British are ruled from above as much today as in the 18th century of George III. The record of Overlord Dave is a mockery of liberty. Without deferring to the people, Lord North could not have forced through a redefinition of marriage, a self-interested fixing of the length of parliament, the equivalent confiscatory taxation of the Bullingdon-twins plan to raid bank accounts without due process, the ceding of British sovereignty to foreign bureaucrats, the evisceration of the Navy, etc.

The 18th century’s rotten boroughs are scant worse than the parachuting of modern political progeny into safe seats, or the selection by Overlord Dave of candidates for this or that parliamentary seat. The 18th century press – led by London’sImmigration 1 array of dynamic newspapers – was far better than today’s sycophant, propagandising media, for whom the work is not a pursuit of truth in support of liberty, but a never-ending apologia for the ruling class. Picture the portraits in some future EU Hall of Heroes, for the province of Britain: a Cameron is a Clegg is a Clarke is a Patten is a Blair is a Mandelson.

For Britain and her unique freedoms the hour is very late indeed.

Many share my distrust of the Liblabcon puppet state so much that speculation on vote-rigging, postal and otherwise, does not seem to be unreasonable.

That the British people, or a significant part of it, no longer trusts the electoral system is an indication of how far our democracy has fallen, and the total alienation of the Establishment from the People.



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One Response to There was a “statistically significant” increase in immigrants from Romania and Bulgaria.

  1. Paul Reply

    May 24, 2014 at 5:18 pm

    Sadly, many people continue to repeat the mistakes of the past by voting for the same parties.

    I hope that eventually nationalists can break down the lies that have deceived so many people.

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