We act now, or the price to be paid a few years down the line will be horrific.

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Britain remains the world’s leading recruiting ground for al-Qaeda

When people march with placards calling for beheadings, when they blatantly incite others to kill, when they preach hate and the authorities do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING what do you expect, OF COURSE Britain is the leading recruiting ground for AQ.

The senior politicians just don't give a damn about this country

The senior politicians just don’t give a damn about this country

We live in times when it is still just possible to put your head in the sand and pretend none of this is happening. That is our approach ( well, that of the government ). It cannot last. Electoral fraud is taking place in the UK much as it does in any 3rd world toilet. This is what we have imported – it didn’t happen 30 or 40 years ago. These people have no morality, no culture and seek to overthrow the nation and take it over. The ramifications are unthinkable.

The writing’s on the wall, and it’s not just looking at you, it’s screaming at you.

We act now, or the price to be paid a few years down the line will be horrific.

Islamism seeks out weakness and cowardice and moves to exploit it whenever and wherever they find it.

An insanely weak and liberal justice system hamstrung by the lunacy of a progressive liberal construct called human rights that favours foreign criminals and terrorists using sometimes dozens of frankly ridiculous appeals designed to sabotage the legal system and rig it in favour of lawyers all too eager to play the system for years.

A weak cowardly government more interested in pandering to the minority human rights activists who have had a major input in designing a system that favours their warped ideology, a government that dare not upset the millions of Muslims it has imported. The islamification of the UK is not accidental it is a detailed and quite deliberate cartel establishment plan to turn the UK into an Islamic state before the end of the century.

But it goes deeper, the close relationship between the establishment and nations like Saudi Arabia that is pouring money into the islamification of the UK as it builds the ‘bayonets of Islam’ mosques and madrassas and cultural centres as a maIMMIGRATION PROTESTSrk of ownership. And note that there are no churches in Saudi Arabia and no cultural centres or Christian schools, Saudi money is being used to bribe our ruling class and assist in the creation of the first Islamic state in the West.

The aim is to wipe us out. Mass immigration is a pre-emptive strike against the native people before they get a chance to resist globalisaion. The Left will allow anyone to immigrate here for the sole purpose of minoritising native people. The more different to us they are the more the Left want them.

The politicians are frightened of Islamic terrorism, of upsetting the progressive liberal applecart, of a break in the oil supply, even of themselves perhaps. Caught in the headlights of the Islamo-juggernaut there is no stomach for fight – roll over and accommodate is the message right down to the OCR exam board with its plans to focus on the history of Islam rather than the Tudors and the Second World War.

Islam is compatible only with itself – for brief periods that is before tearing itself to pieces as it has done throughout the ages – at some point this simple truth will emerge in Britain and we will all be sorry.



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