Are you a racist?

To the Political elite and the Mainstream media, has it ever occurred to you that you are completely wrong on immigration? I mean morally and ideologically, economically and historically wrong? That you are actually a tiny minority of loons who want to wreck this country and dispossess the Natives?

Nobody could accuse me of being a fan of Miliband but perhaps, just perhaps, even he has recognized that we have had enough, more than enough.rp_Politically-Correct-300x213.jpg

You metro Lefties are entering your own bunker phase, you are trapped far below ground ordering weapons and ideas into battle that are obsolete and finished.
”I don’t care if nobody is listening, just keep calling them racists, it has worked for 40 years dammit and it will keep working if you say it enough, try out a bigot and a knuckle dragger, just keep throwing them out for Christsake!”

It’s over, lefties, you have lost control of the narrative. All you have left is to lock people up and order the UAF to stalk people.

If,like me,you are sick of how England has bore the brunt of labour’s social-engineering programme of rubbing our noses in ‘it’,FGM,foreign paedophile gangs,modern day slavery and people trafficking,sham marriages,schools and classrooms with no indigenous pupils,our towns and cities either are,or soon to be,minority indigenous populated,a soldier hacked to death on an English street,our prisons over represented with foreign rapists and murderers we’re not allowed to deport,our resources handed over to immigrants who have never contributed to the pot,and if,like me in my once,peaceful,rural English market town you feel like a stranger in your own land,then I’m proud to be a racist with the fkn largest ‘R’ you can find.I want my country England back,I want my country run and governed for the benefit of England and it’s people,I don’t want my country to be more attractive to immigrants than the native people.So wanting that in your eyes is ‘waycist’.

“racist” – the 21st century perjorative for “someone who disagrees with me”.



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