Language itself has been weaponised.

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The March through the institutions is complete.

What we have here, is the media being whipped up into confected outrage by the pressure groups of the cultural Marxist left

Language itself has been weaponised. Communication between equals using generally agreed upon terms is no longer possible as all such terms are subject to change at a moment’s notice and usually on the side that’s desperately grasping to take offence. One almost has to demand a list of words and definitions before even risking conversation.left pc

It’s appallingly psychologically and emotionally destructive to fear that using perfectly ordinary words is likely to be an immediate source of attack. Everyone with a gripe or an opinion is simply going to remain silent and eventually that gripe will sour further and come out in violence.

A rational exchange of views is no longer possible with these people. We’re now locked in a full on culture war.

The really clever thing about the language terror is that it provides cheap and easy copy to fill newspapers. Often all that is required is looking through a few web sites.

The fact that PRIVATE talk is considered game for criticism is bad enough but I reckon we’re heading for thought-control shortly if this carries on. How long before school classes introduce the subject as mandatory?

These self appointed false outrage little Marxists need to go. Eventually they will send you to the Ministry of Truth for re-training.

If we don’t take our country and our freedom back from these zealots very quickly, we really will be toast.



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