Trying to sit down and debate the EU is like trying to debate with the Third Reich in 1938


We have now arrived at a point in time where political debate has become quite useless as we moved out of the level playing field of British politics at least a decade ago. We now have a truly corrupt and criminal establishment in Westminster privy to Brussels with tentacles spreading far and wide and where the British mainstream media is now completely under their control; the latest crude propaganda concerning EU opinion polls and similar political party names to UKIP on forthcoming ballot papers to deliberately mislead voters is something straight out of Mugabe’s Zimbabwe.mugabe

Trying to sit down and debate the EU, immigration, multiculturalism, diversity and the slow creep of dictatorship and censorship is like trying to debate with the Third Reich in 1938 to be reasonable and sensible – utterly pointless and just going to fall on deaf ears. The core of the argument is National Sovereignty, True Democracy, Government for the people by the people and Justice under a common law. We hear Human Rights banded about so much these days yet they completely ignore these common principles and that’s no accident.

We are witnessing the smearing, undermining and very aggressive opposition to any political movement that is tryingbnp_eussr to stop Brussels and those who support it and its agenda. The similarities with Napoleon in the 19th Century and Hitler in the 20th Century is all too clear. Both regimes created war and destruction on a huge scale and I see little to be optimistic about with the unpredictable bunch running this little club. A truly disturbing future for Europe once again in the space of just a couple of centuries.

It wouldn’t be overstating it to say that any allied general or western politician of the 1940’s would be all too aware of the current situation and would no doubt urge quick and decisive action to stop and dismantle the EU by military means if necessary. An unelected, unaccountable and contemptible organisation is just another way of describing a dictatorship. We have let it evolve from a seemingly benevolent Common Market into a malevolent, authoritarian establishment and the time has come to stop it in its tracks before it ends in a another European wide conflagration.



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