EU is all about, destroying 28 nations with no democratic mandate and creating a totalitarian superstate.

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No discussion on the EU has ever been realistic and honest!

We have been lied to time and time again. We don’t expect anything else, but we will not be deceived nor taken for fools anymore.

What will Cameron do that is different? Even now the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat Tribes are lying about the EU and are in denial of the will of the people.original

Cameron will do nothing to stop an aggressive , expansionist EU superstate with borders from the Atlantic to the Urals , which has already destroyed 28 nations, which wants to add another 150 million people to its empire and which is now threatening global peace with political aggression in Ukraine.
The EU , the greatest threat to European peace since 1939 
Cameron will not stop Britain being flooded with economic refugees from failed EU economies, almost 800000 EU immigrants were given new UK national insurance numbers in 2012 and 2013 and of course they will have bought their dependents with them.
The EU , the greatest threat to Britain since 1939.

There is no honesty from the MSM and Liblabcon Europhile extremists.
All we get from the EU is waste, corruption, lies and destruction of
nations. Finance, trade and economics are just a side issue to the EU, its only objective is to create a United States of Europe and to these extremists the end justifies the means. We are wise to these lies now, we know what the
EU is all about, destroying 28 nations with no democratic mandate and creating
a totalitarian superstate.
-They say we will lose three million jobs if we exit, a lie condemned by the author of the Report this figure was taken from as propaganda worthy of Goebbels.
-They say all car manufacturers will leave but omit to say that over 60% of UK car production is for UK and non EU consumption and fail to mention the extend to which the German car industry relies on the UK market.
-They bang on about the single market but never tell us that there is zero single market in services , 70% of the EU economy.
-They talk about the importance of trade with the EU but never tell us that uk/eu trade is declining, that EU growth is anaemic and a decreasing part of the global economy and we have a huge balance of payments deficit with the EU but a surplus with the rest of the world.
-They talk about the single market but never tell us EU agricultural protectionism costs us £12 billion a year.eu debate

-They say how we benefit from open borders but fail to mention the costs in jobs, housing, state services to the UK as a dumping ground for millions of EU economic refugees, 200000 Roma here already,150000 Bulgarians and Romanians, nver refused work permits.
-Then of course they never mention the budget contributions, the tax laws where we cannot tax multinationals in the country they earn income, the loss of our judicial independence to the ECHR which the EU will accede to, the desire of the EU to control national MSM, the gross corruption in the EU, the theft of national sovereignty, the loss of our fishing grounds, the imposition of laws which cost us tens of billions a year.
Britain is better of out. The first thing we need though is honesty from
the europhile extremists about their true objectives.



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