The People are no longer listening to Dave, he’s had his chance and blown it.

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David Cameron is not a Eurosceptic because he supports UK membership of the EU political union, he is a loyal EU satrap to the core. He waffles about a referendum while saying he would campaign to remain within the EU, he waffles about renegotiation when the Brussels kommissars openly state that it will not happen.Camaron 1

I have heard his kind of base treachery called many things but never euro realism, the Europhile Europeanists are many things but not in a million years could any of them be regarded as realists. They are the pampered intellectual elite establishment who live in a sealed off bubble of their own making.

Cameron would promise the moon and the stars before the election, the day afterwards he wouldn’t remember one of his hot air promises nor would he care to, he will happily tell any lie and make any false promise to grub votes, this is his fatal weakness now, people simply don’t believe a single word that comes out of his pie hole.

They cannot openly and honestly present their true agenda and vision to the British people, the cartel is addicted to lying and have been for decades.

They dare not explain what their intentions are and what the EU is really all about, what they do is create a smokescreen and misdirect our attention away from what is really going on. Having just a seen a so called debate

The EU is built on lies, it is the house made of candy in the cautionary tale, its meant to be as enticing as possible to the trusting and innocent and gullible but once we are in the doors and under their power the EU will present its real face and its as ugly as any in history.cameron pinocchio

Let’s be absolutely clear. Britain will NEVER leave the EU while Cameron is in office. He will do anything and everything within his power to prevent it, even if Britain votes to leave in a referendum.

He will lie, to get his way. He will delay, procrastinate, throw up obstacles and, if need be, ignore a referendum result to come out. What the British people think or want is of zero importance to Cameron – all that matters is what he wants. Like other spoiled brats, he is used to getting his way because other people don’t matter in his world.

A vote for Conservative is a vote for another term of Cameron – another five years of procrastination and lies, being treated with contempt by an over-privileged, self-serving posh-boy who thinks the country should be run by an elite and everyone else should be put in their place and ignored.

A vote for Conservative is a vote for another five years in the EU, whether you like it or not.



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