TREASON is alive and well thriving within the LibLabCon party.

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That which one government calls treason, another may call patriotism, but no one can call a systematic programme to destroy the very identity of one’s country anything but treason.imagesS1F2AQ3X
And it is this that we face today: a concerted programme from the very top, aimed at destroying the soul and spirit of Britain; a programme supported and enabled by a host of Quislings at all levels, in all fields, and across the media.
Indeed, this treason verges on something even worse than treason: it amounts to a programme of race replacement.

This is a time of enormous ideological division. We have a traitorous ruling class which has destroyed our national independence, the sovereignty of the monarch, the integrity of the United Kingdom, our identity, our freedom, and our people’s very existence is under severe threat.

The traitors are not “brave and honourable men”. They are too cowardly to tell the truth and admit to what they are doing. They lie and cheat. They accuse us of the very crimes they are guilty of.

Blair and his gang of traitors did away with our Treachery legislation first thing, then unleashed the incremental and on-going destruction of our country in the knowledge that they would walk away from the carnage, free and rich. No honour there, no bravery and no admirationimagesW117LCZY possible.

Within the last 15 years, there have been British politicians in the highest echelons of government whose treachery and skulduggery has been on a par with that of Philby et al.

So what do we make of those betraying the UK to a group of un-elected elite, whose plans for a united Europe have run roughshod over the rule of law, our democratic process, and fraudulently used our tax money and contributions to create the framework for a superstate working against our national interest and destroying the nation state?
Are these ideological divisions? Is Farage a national hero? Should Heseltine, Clarke, Mandelson et al face sedition charges?
History will not reflect kindly on those who have sold Great Britain to an elitist few with a very defined agenda.



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