Cameron doesn’t want a referendum, that’s just a ploy to try to blackmail the electorate into giving him another 5 years in Number 10.

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The aim is not a referendum, that’s just process. The aim is Brexit, and eurosceptics don’t want to have a referendum under terms to be dictated by a politician with a track record of deception who will be straining every sinew to make sure such a referendum is lost, let alone one who will ‘renegotiate’ with a view to securing the minimum for Britain that will get an In vote rather than one looking to get the maximum for Birtain.bnp_eussr

Further, no-one with any common sense believes that any significant ‘renegotiation’ is possible which will leave Dave trying to sell us a pig in a poke.

And we don’t think all politicians lie, but we do think that David Cameron lies almost as easily as Blair does, based on the many lies he has told in the past. We can see the truth, Cameron doesn’t want a referendum, that’s just a ploy to try to blackmail the electorate into giving him another 5 years in Number 10. We can tell the difference between a conviction politician like Farage and Cameron, and we don’t like Cameron. We can tell the difference between a real cut in the EU budget and a cut in the growth rate of the EU budget, even if you and Cameron cannot. We can tell the difference between not using British taxpayer’s money to bail out the euro as promised and using British taxpayer’s money to bail out the euro through the IMF. and the false distinction you politicians love there doesn’t impress us.

If the Tories are really serious about wanting to win the next election and offerings a free and fair referendum, first get rid of Cameron … because on the topic of the EU he’s lost the trust of the British people irrevocably and if you can’t see that then frankly you’re a fool

Cameron had done his sums, particularly after the scandalous debate on the treaty that was shoved to the end of the day and on a time limit. It was a cursory affair and it must have been absolutely clear the ‘ayes’ would have it. So he knew he was safe offering a referendum “providing the treaty is not ratified by the 2010 election.” The treaty was not ratified by a close margin. It was ratified by 140 votes. Mr. Cameron knew perfectly well when he made that promise he would not have to keep it. He will now collude with the EU Commssion to get enough of a plastic agreement for him to say he’s done what he said he would do and therefore there is either no reason for a referendum or he can be sure of a ‘yes’ vote and have one. It will be a pack of lies.EU Flag 1
What will then happen after we’ve been suckered once more by this wretched organisation, Brussels will welsh on the deal just as it did over the Blair budget rebate deal in exchange for the CAP reform which then mysteriously never happened.
I trust Cameron as much as I trust the massively corrupt criminals than now rule over us. Cameron says today Ukip cannot offer a referendum. But by God we can force him to resign and force his lilly-livered party to elect a Eurosceptic leader who will do a deal with Ukip, kick the Milipede band out in 2020, have referendum and get the ‘no’ vote so many in this country have been waiting for for all these years.
Read, mark and learn Mr. Hannan – there are a lots of very angry people out there who are expecting you to do the honourable thing and start standing up for your country by disowning this most appalling prime minister, who wants our great country to be run by unelected, massively corrupt and over paid self-serving bureaucrats who know little of Britain and care even less.

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