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By Richard Cley – London Correspondent-Europe is going in to reverse mode because the mindset of the EU elite is all adolescent fantasy.  On the one hand we have politicians trying to live out a “communist dream”, and on the other hand there are leaders that wish us to return to the mind-set of “Empire”.

The mistakes that are being made today are reminiscent of every bad decision made in Europe, from the fall of Napoleon through to the defeat of Nazi Germany. And we are being ruled by leaders with 19th century mindsets that are making sure we return to all that was most abhorrent in our recent past.

We have in Angela Merkel and David Cameron, people who present themselves as being forward thinking progressives but who secretly lust after past glories. At least, past glories, as their warped retrogressive minds perceive them.

Angela Merkel, leader of Germany, as Russia’s Vladimir Putin knows from his time as a Colonel in the KGB, is a die-hard fully indoctrinated Stalinist of the old school.

Putin worked closely with the East German Stasi and knows from first hand experience that Merkel has one ambition, and only one ambition, to turn Europe in to a modern Stalinist State in the image and likeness of 1940s Russia.

David Cameron is an Establishment freak that has been groomed by the Bilderbergers to think “Empire”, except the new Empire is the one as defined by Prince Andrew, Duke of York.

Prince Andrew takes after his father Charles and loves to meddle in politics because he sees himself, as Charles does, as the pre-eminent political authority in 21st century Britain.

Prince Andrew’s mindset is, “Democracy, what democracy?” “Elections are for misfit commoners and I am a God appointed Royal politician of Empire.”

His great passion, as stated in a recent speech to American diplomats, is to start a New Great Game against modern Russia just as his British Empire Royal ancestors did in Victorian times. They tried and failed to foil Russian Empirical expansion eastwards 150 years ago in the 19th century Great Game.

David Cameron for all his peculiar ideas about gay marriage and the EU admires and worships Prince Andrew. His belief that today we should play a New Great Game and stop Russians living their lives as they wish, free from the corruption that hobbles Europe and America, is Cameron’s too

. The problem with the New Great Game is that the Zionist USA does not understand Empire mentality. The USA is all “Shock & Awe”, ham fisted, blundering stupidity passed off as modern diplomacy. Zionist USA is crass, delinquent, and absolute.

We watch the New Great Game unfold in north and east Europe. 19th century politics has captured the gullible brain dead President Obama, who in thrall to Prince Andrew’s adolescence, has not the common sense to perceive his own stupidity.

The USA uses 1940’s thinking to look at our world, 1970’s behaviour to attack Russia, (think Vietnam for Ukraine), and 2010 mistakes learned, absorbed but not understood from Afghanistan.

Merkel, because she hates modern Russia for abandoning her beloved Stalinist communism, lets it happen for revenge. Cameron, a Prince Andrew stooge and US approved servant of Zionism, sees more power and wealth for himself from a weakened Russia.

Meanwhile the people of Europe suffer, and if Merkel, Cameron and Obama get their way energy prices will double next year in the EU if Russian energy supplies through Ukraine are cut off. And if World War Three starts, there will be no energy, just one vast EU police state.

As reported in the BNP website

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