Someone has to expose this massive deception.

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I have struggled for many years to get to the bottom of what these words (racist, racial etc) really mean. I am not ashamed to admit that I was brainwashed for many years by the media and successive governments.

Ask anyone what “racist” really means and you will not get a straight answer, nobody really knows what it means because it dosn’t mean anything.thought_police_01

I think everyone has been brainwashed over the years into believing this conspiracy and that it will take some time to re-educate people and help bring back a just path for our society and slowly but surely turn the corner of suppression and vilification of our people.

As far as I know the fabricated word “racist” first appeared in our dictionary in the late 1800’s (racialism) 1871. We and the rest of the world seemed to have managed without this curse of a word for thousands of years. Our law courts have managed to uphold the law for century’s without ‘racist crimes’. A murder should simply be a murder no matter who you are.

These words are the main tools the left wing fascists use to destroy our country and our culture, these words and terms (racist, racial, race hate, etc.) CAN and should justifiably be removed from our language and legal system.

It is like we are in the dark ages and if someone is accused of being a witch (racist) everyone wants to agree with the accusations or they will be accused of witchcraft (racism) next. It’s almost like people want to feel better by proving other people are racist (witchcraft) and not themselves.

Some of the time these left wing fascists accuse someone of “racism” when it is purely a case of bullying which has been part of human nature for thousands of years.

A classic example of this witch hunt which has demonised the metropolitan police practically forever.  They were asked to do an internal investigation to see if they were “still institutionally racist”. The Metropolitan police published their report which came to the conclusion that they were not “institutionally racist”. The left wing fascists did not except this conclusion and basically told them to do it again until they got the verdict they wanted.

Essentially these left wing fascists want something which is impossible to achieve i.e. proving that the metropolitan police are guilty of witchcraft (racism) and forcing them to admit there evil, anyone who disagrees with the result will be BURNT at the stake for being a witch.

Most people will never vote for a Nationalist Party because of the false “racist” tag attached to. The feeling of guilt. Something has to be done about this.Political Correctness In my opinion one shouldn’t even answer the accusation of “racism”and explain that there is no such thing as “racist”.

I believe that there is only one race ,the human race. I don’t believe in the concept of different races if you do then you are the “racist”. Just like if someone who believes in science is a scientist or someone who believes in having multiple wives is a polygamist and if you believe that there are different races then you are the “racist”.

I have used this example on a left-winger when he was complaining to me that there was so much “racism” in football,which left him totally speechless and lost for words. I told him that the words”racist” “racial””racism” etc are very commen in our society but this dosn’t mean that they are valid.

One can easily get through life without using these words.I for one never use these invalid words anymore,there is an alternative for every single one of these invalid “race “terms. The left wing establishment and media want us to keep using this invalid “race”language to keep us under their control(divide and rule).

Lets put the goal posts back to where they belong.



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You cannot trust the mainstream media

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