The rise of the Front National in France was inevitable

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The rise of the F.N. in France is as inevitable as the rise of Nationalists in the U.K. The ordinary man in the street, the decent working class people of both these  countries (and others in Western Europe) has had enough of the sickening left wing liberal political correctness that they have had to endure from so called main stream political parties over themlepen past number of years

The National Front is leading opinion polls before France’s European elections next month.

The latest poll – a CSA survey for BFMTV and Nice Matin – puts their vote at 24 per cent.

This compares to 22 per cent for the UMP opposition and 20 per cent for President Francois Hollande’s Socialist Party.

The EU starts to crumble.

This swing to common sense will happen all over Europe,  as the electorate becomes increasingly fed up with the left ignoring the electorates views on immigration and the EU. None of us want to end up as minorities in our own countries.

Why do people keep saying this is a protest vote.  We the general public have been lied to and have such corrupt and self serving as well as incompetent politicians who we keep voting for.  time for change and parties that put their own people first and care about the effect of the terrible EU policies and how they affect us ordinary folk.  Hope she wipes the floor with the others and also gets voted in next time.  Surely even France has woken up to the fact that social policies bankrupt and ruin the country as do the liberal laws.



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