We do not like them because they clearly loathe us.

We do not like them because they are nearly all corrupt.  They are dismantling democracy, are systemic manipulative liars and they are the most out of touch, arrogant generation in living memory.

We do not like them because they clearly loathe us.  The stuff you mention is secondary to the stuff you left out of the headline.  Why am I unsurprised that you do not get it?Westminster-Pic1-621x330

Edit:  I forgot, they take nepotism to unashamed levels and consider listening or respecting the wishes of little people weakness and stupidity. Virtually every vice and nastiness is rampant in a parliament of dishonesty and betrayal.  It is not that we dislike politicians at Westminster, many of us genuinely loathe them.

We know they hate us but they are so insensitive that they believe we will continue to swallow their lies.  Cameron looks like a shiny EU robot in his set pieces for the TV spouting twaddle about an impossible EU referendum, when we all know Barroso will not, in a billion years, negotiate anything.  He simply lies through his teeth.  Meanwhile, Milliband and Clegg are also keen to totally destroy the UK and turn it into a chained province of the EU.

They know this and they lie, lie and lie.  These low lives really think we are that stupid.  No wonder they are loathed.

The vast majority of politicians today just do not tell the truth and don’t deliver what the people, who elected them in, want. They have their own agenda, very often increasing self worth, at the expense of the very people they are supposed to be representing at the same time forcing ridiculous pc values on those same people.

Imagine if candidates had to have been born, currently live and to have worked in their constituency for at least ten years. Then we would have local MPs representing local businesses, interests and people and we would stimulate local democracy which is what the SpAds and PPEs fear. Whatever happened to local recall promised by Clegg and Cameron?

WE have nation trashers like Jack Straw who is responsible for ethnic cleansing on an industrial scale. His son “Boy Strawman” age 32 expects to be elected in Rossendale & Darwen to continue the family tradition of leaching on the electorate. He has experience of nothing and a father who should be in prison like the rest of the useless cretins in Weirdminster.



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