The left is corrupt, and is good at corrupting.

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Self loathing fuels the Left. It is the basis of their dogma that people are just no good. They’re dishonest, they pollute the earth, and they’re too stupid to know what’s best for them. Global warming, an indictment of human existence, therefore fit perfectly with the Left’s basic contempt for humans. We are viewed by the Left as an alien species that the earth would be better off without.rp_british-workers-betrayed-by-labour-300x174.jpg

With Liberal progressives the truth does not matter. They have proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that the planet is not experiencing global warming. That the activity of the sun is the driving force when it comes to changes in temperatures and that what we do has zero affect on this planet concerning climate change. But they would rather push the lie in order to collect taxes, regulate activity and control lives all in an effort to fulfil their need to be like God and claim that they can change the weather and the planet because they don’t believe in a God so they want to be gods unto themselves.

Politics corrupts science.  We saw this with the whole Global Warming sting.  Back in the 80’s and 90’s, palentologists were pretty much forced to accept the asteroid-hit-the-earth-theory of dinosaur extinction to re-enforce and promote nuclear winter, and thus science was leading the charge for unilateral nuclear disarmament.  In essence, to the left, if science fact doesn’t fit the political theory, take a hammer and Sickle and MAKE it fit.imagesLI138NNW

We used to teach our children conservative values. Then we made the mistake of letting them go to a liberal colleges; thinking they would be a shining light in the vast darkness of liberalism. But we were wrong, they have been overwhelmed with all the liberalism there.

Consequently now they appear to be a pretty solid socialists, and brainwashed as well.  I can only hope that one day, after gaining some experience, they will come back to there conservative roots. We will always advise them, but it sure is difficult to talk with them anymore.

My point is; the left is corrupt, and is good at corrupting.

Einstein welcomed debate on his theory of relativity. Is that science settled today? The hubris of liberalism is sickening.



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