Eyewitnesses called the scenes “chaotic”, claiming that the crowds of Islamists were “baying for blood”.

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As reported in Breitbart London

An English Defence League activist wrote on the EDL North London Facebook page: “…today it was different. They were baying for our blood! What shocked me most and it worries me, there were a group of kids, maybe as young as 10 years old, pointing at me and running their fingers across their throats!!”

England is done. Just look at the difference in the sizes of the two groups. It shows just how much apathy the English, and the Britons have. Their so-called Government has betrayed them, as has their so-called Royal Family and in the end – they have also betrayed themselves.

What few reports there are in the British media claim that peaceful Muslims led by preacher Anjem Choudary, and terror-convict Abu Izzadeen were holding a peaceful, entirely unprovocative protest called the “Rally Against  British Crusade”, and were harassed by evil British EDL Nazis.

In Britain nobody is allowed to say anything that might upset ‘community cohesion’, the establishment here covered up the industrial scale rape of our children so that the mohammedans would not be ‘upset’ and accuse them of ‘islamophobia’. That’s the kind of country we live in.



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media


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