The BBC is a mindweapon in the hands of our enemies.

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The hostile elite are waging a war on us. They are race replacing us. The war is fought largely in the mind. The BBC is a mind weapon in the hands of our enemies.

That so many hacks keep on saying that they believe the BBC to be impartial, I can only assume that the MSM is so far to the left that they genuinely do feel that the right-on socialist dross pumped out by the BBC is non-partisan. More evidence of the detachment of the media/government cocoon  from the taxpayer.

BBC...This horrendous organisation is the single biggest threat to the people.

BBC…This horrendous organisation is the single biggest threat to the people.

The way the BBC has bought into the EU will not be forgotten.  It seems to suffer from institutional arrogance and is led by people who think it their right to leech from public investment, as if they owned the corporation.

Many people used to believe the BBC unless proven otherwise.  Now, many think it manipulative and so tend to assume it is part of the big lie, unless proven otherwise.  It is shocking how it is selectively reporting EU matters and will not permit, it seems at any cost, a simple analysis of the reality that the EU is dismantling the UK as an independent state and systematically eliminating all rights to a political vote.

The BBC is accessory to plans to subjugate and imprison us in a province of an unaccountable foreign power.  It, along with all three main parties lies, lies, and lies to us.  The BBC takes EU money and is happy to dance to its tune.  Meanwhile, we are forced to pay for it and, in return, it treats us with arrogance as its senior management, in effect, leech our money for personal gain.

One of the most frequent arguments from supporters of the BBC is that foreigners love the BBC, so therefore it is worth every penny.

Firstly, it is not the British public’s duty to pay for foreigners to be entertained. If the foreigners like it so much, perhaps they would elect to pay the licence fee?

Secondly, I wonder how true that actually is. Does watching subtitled re-runs of Top Gear really equate to a great love of the BBC?

I doubt most foreigners really give the BBC much thought. This idea that the BBC represents freedom and democracy around the world is a delusion that exists only in the heads of British left wingers.

The BBC is a failed state propagandist.



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One Response to The BBC is a mindweapon in the hands of our enemies.

  1. Paul Reply

    April 19, 2014 at 8:11 am

    It is also guilty of concealing paedophiles for decades, silencing and censoring alternative political viewpoints, be they nationalist or anarchist for example and fabricating the news of Syrian governmental atrocities and broadcasting it as fact.

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