sham marriages and foreign students

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As reported in the Daily Mail

We agree with this

Foreign students should not be allowed to marry here at all, the rule should be you wait until you have finished your degree or go home and marry, then reapply meeting marriage visa requirements like your spouse earning a decent salary and having savings, how long does it take to truly get to know someone and decide to marry? Lets say 1 year to two years, then to save up for a wedding( students still need a tiny ceremony), a degree s only 3 years long, they can wait till after and have a nice ceremony at home! You have to be a local to marry in a church, British registry offices should only marry British citizen’s or people who already have earned a right to stay here permanently


Simple. Make anyone found to have been using a student visa to attend a fake college ineligible for residence regardless whether they marry a Brit or not. Job done.


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