So, the leader of The Islamic Borough of Tower Hamlets is a good boy after all.

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The Metropolitan Police today stated that there was “no credible evidence” in files about Lutfur Rahman’s Tower Hamlets Council supplied by the BBC’s Panorama programme “to suspect that fraud or any other offence has been committed at this stage. Therefore the MPS will not be investigating at this point in time.

I’m sure we are all reassured by the findings of the,,  oh so politically correct , Metropolitan Police.  Lets face it their recent record is one of unblemished success.images

As I travel round our once green and pleasant land, and yes, occasionally venturing into our once fine and proud capital city, I could literally weep.

Weep for how things were,  Weep for how things are now.

Parts of our cities and towns are so awful , so upsetting to me , that I have to leave.

The insane levels immigration by Muslims in the Brown/ Blair years , has changed our country for good, some may say, for ever.

If you watch Panorama : Don’t Cap My Benefits on BBC iPlayer. It is absolutely mind blowing. It was all about Brent Council where foreigners apply to other foreigners for payouts from the British taxpayer. Anyone who says the British chav class are lazy, irresponsible spongers with a sense of entitlement has never seen this lot. People from Sudan and Afghanistan demanding that the taxpayer pay £4,000 a month in rent alone to house their multitudinous offspring and refusing to even contemplate moving anywhere cheaper because it’s their ‘uman rights innit.

I won’t list the myriad of problems they have caused , firstly because everyone knows them,  secondly , there literally is not enough space.

The perverse and sinister combination of establishment cowardice and its adherence to multiculturalism with Islamic extremism is destroying our society.



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One Response to So, the leader of The Islamic Borough of Tower Hamlets is a good boy after all.

  1. Paul Reply

    April 19, 2014 at 7:53 am

    I remember, all those years back, when BNP were elected in Tower Hamlets, I can’t see much chance of that now that the place has been overrun.

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