Welcome comrades to the glorious revolution.

Labour’s biggest financial backer has threatened to sever its link with the party altogether if Ed Miliband loses next year’s general election – raising the prospect of it having to compete for votes with a rival Workers’ Party lavishly backed by union money.imagesFP0BJMWG

Unite the Union has 1.4m members and is said to have put up £6m to fund the new political party. The MPs they have recruited are ready to defect if Labour leader Ed Miliband loses at the next election.

The union leader signalled that a rival party could be created to challenge Labour if it does not win next year.

Welcome comrades to the glorious revolution, please step into the time capsule, we will be taking you back to the 1970s when the country was bankrupt and always on strike.

The far left sees an opportunity for power by the back door by the shirt tails of Nationalist popularity, nothing more. Where did Scargill’s Socialist Labour Party (remember?) end up?

We already have a ‘workers” party in various guises as in SWP, Respect (formerly the Communist Party) and they all remain on the fringes. People like McCluskey and Scargill never catch on that their ‘werking class’ are not as stupid as they’d like them to be.animal-farm1

I wonder why the leftists continue to think the same energy and patriotism that we see driving the Right wing Populist movements in America and Europe are available for them to exploit on the Left?

And we thought the seeds of the pernicious weeds sown by the russian delegation in the 60’s and 70’s, Hatton, Jack Jones (KGB and bar), Scargill, Wilson, et al had died away. Just when it looked good for the UK along come the wet tories who destroyed the conservative party and stopped applying the weedkiller. Now the Red flowers are trying again to bloom and we have little or nothing to stop them. A bunch of spoilt schoolboys who think they would “be rather good” in politics, and know nothing about anything important other than self survival at any cost, and this covers all 3 parties so don’t think I’m knocking anyone in particular. They need to be swept aside before the damage is completely irreversible.



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