Gosh, is it really only 25 schools? or is it 25 schools in Birmingham?.

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The number of schools to be investigated over fears children are being    “radicalised” by extremist Muslims attempting to seize control of   institutions has increased to 25.

Teams of inspectors are to be sent into schools and will be able to penalise   those where religious conservatism is believed to be getting in the way of   teaching.

The Department for Education (DfE) launched the investigation after an alleged   Islamic takeover plot to force out governors and head teachers was reported   in Birmingham.

I read a quote from a cabinet member this morning claiming that ‘the UK stands on the edge of a precipice’.
Unfortunately that quote related to the latest set of ludicrous climate change predictions rather than a genuine issue like the islamification of major cities in the UK.

This research stinks of politically motivated dead fish, and probably has less value.

The politicians/authorities are up their necks in trouble, all caused by mass immigration. Serves them right! Trouble is that we, the people, have to suffer for their foul up. If ever we were in need of a change of narrative, we are today. Change it now! Islam is not a ‘religion of peace’ but a religion which brings with it only trouble and strife. Can’t the fools look around them and observe? In each and every country where Islam is strong, there is trouble and strife. Yet these fools keep on with the narrative of Islam being a ‘religion of peace’.

Once Blair and New Labour opened our borders to the Indian Sub Continent and later Eastern Europe they started a chain of events that will only end in either a complete change in the  Political Landscape of the UK or large scale revolt and or civil conflict. The choice is ours, the time to vote the right way is now, there will always be about 30% of the Electorate who will always support Socialism and Cultural Marxism for various reasons, its pointless attempting to reason with such people, better to leave them be with their ignorance and delusion and hope at least some may grow wiser with time and open their eyes before it is too late for us all.

Remember how society in the UK used to be?  Remember when it was basically split by class, but basically everyone’s aim was broadly the same and everyone thought of themselves of British first and they would put British values first?  It’s just a memory now.  There are millions of people who put Islam and the spread of it first, and millions of others hell bent on letting them do that.  Welcome to your future, one of two societies living side by side in one country – can only end in tears.

Thanks Labour for this, and thanks to the coalition for not doing anything about it.



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