The thought of a Blair clone in Parliament in the future has curdled my tea!

Euan Blair, 30 year old son of the former Prime Minister, is being touted as the next MP for one of the safest Labour seats in the country.

The Labour party has become a terrorist cult where total allegiance to a range of lunatic dogmas is demanded and any attempt at free speech quickly silenced by hordes of well trained attack dogs.

I bet Euan Blair can’t find Bootle on a map of Bootle.rp_Content_60_LeavingLabour_NoLabourLarge-300x187.jpg

What an awful bunch they are, Labour is the party of media champagne socialists, envious anarchic comedians, and middle class snobs who love to think they are standing with their working class inferiors, add in a few hypocrite Harman types and there you have it.

The cynicism and dishonesty of Labour is beyond description.  Rich bourgeois users pretend to stand for working people when they secretly despise them and are terrified of even coming into contact with dirty little people.

They parade their workers’ hero credentials and pretend they are fighting the evil Torys when they are exactly the same social group only differing from them in the lies they dish out. The engineer a false battle of one bunch of lies against another bunch of lies whilst conveniently masking reality.

Their behaviour makes Victorian humbug unmasked by Dickens in the likes of Pecksnif or Bounderby look the work of amateurs.  These are systematic, evil users who only care for themselves and secretly loathe those they manipulate and betray.

Remember, Labour along with all the main UK parties is openly working to destroy all rights to a political vote. They approve of rule by unaccountable foreigners and are working, day and night, to destroy all meaning to our voting rights.  Labour cares as much for the long term health of the electorate and its rights as a farmer does for store cattle he knows must go to the slaughterhouse when the time is ripe.  The farmer does a necessary but sometimes upsetting job where these politicians are sheer poison.

Euan Blair is walking into ‘the house of contempt’ and joining in this quadrille of dishonesty, manipulation and betrayal.  It is hard to find the words for such nasty pieces or work.  They loathe us and laugh at us as they work towards creating a political cage to imprison a once free electorate as they plan to destroy the UK.



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