Britain’s exports in goods slumped 1.6pc to £23.5bn in February, its lowest since November 2010.

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Yesterday’s headline: “UK will be fastest growing economy in the G7 this year

Britain’s exports in goods slumped 1.6pc to £23.5bn in February, its lowest   since November 2010.

The figures will come as a blow to the Government, which has been seeking to   boost exports to rebalance the economic recovery away from consumer   spending, which has been the main driver of its surprisingly strong economic   recovery over the past year.

The International Monetary Fund on Tuesday said British exports as well as   business investment had been disappointing even as it raised its forecast   for the country’s growth.rp_uk-poker-decline-356-300x193.jpg

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the 50% of people in the UK who derive their living from the public purse have no idea whatever when it comes to the country paying its way through work, effort, innovation and productivity.

Of those who work in government and the bloated quangocracy, their focus is still on their own survival through funding and constant reorganisation (read ‘musical’ chairs) and Osborne has done very little to change that thinking or indeed to get the public finances under control.

That leaves the rest of us being crushed under the burden of continuing high levels of taxation, uncertainty in the political and economic future (certainly until we get past May 2015) and the feeling that, frankly, there is little or no point in being one of the minority of people in the UK who risk everything for the benefit of an out of touch, expense obsessed political class.



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