The British people didn’t enter the EU to create a superstate.

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How many British Citizens fought and died to keep our country free only for the political classes to give it away without even asking our opinion? We were a self governing nation for centuries and we could easily become one again given the chance.

What matters in today’s cut throat world of global trading is who is efficient and competitive. Hence, why the EU’s collection of mature economies in relative decline are being crucified by a mountain of unaffordable social legislation, wrapped up in an uncompetitive currency.EU 1

Countries don’t have friends, they have shared and conflicting interests. Countries, businesses and individuals will deal with the UK based on shared interests, be they trade, tourism education, culture, or what have you.

The EU are not going to stop trading with one of the worlds biggest economies if we left, millions of French and German jobs depend on Britain

The British people didn’t enter the EU to create a superstate it entered it to trade although the lying Liblabcon political elite had a completely different view and have been trying to drag us into the superstate for decades .
Even the Liblabcon cartel now realises Britain has minimal influence in the EU and since when has the EU had a broader geo political role in any case?
The EU is actually a threat to global peace as seen with the Ukraine issue.
So geo politically we are in NATO and in the UN and in all the other international organisations playing our role.
In trade we are a nation biased towards free trade and services and building agreement with areas and countries and within the WTO as an independent member.
Our links with the EU are simply one other relationship.

Why would the UK seek political union with any other country?EU 2

Does Japan seek political union with its near neighbours? Does Australia? Does India?

Both Norway and Iceland have consultative arrangements, opt-outs and vetoes regarding EU regulation, which is a lot better than our paltry eight percent qualified majority vote in the Council of Ministers. Both countries also have independent self-representation at international standards-setting forums like the UN and the WTO, where EU Member States are represented by the European Commission. We would have more power and influence outside the EU, trading and co-operating with our European friends and allies as part of the EEA/Single Market, sans political integration.



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