Jobbik gains, now the strongest Nationalist party in EU

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Jobbik’s performance is being watched closely for clues about how other nationalist right-wing parties, such as France’s Front National and the Netherlands’ Party for Freedom, will perform in European Parliament elections next month. In

terms of its share of the national vote on party lists, Jobbik won 20.86 percent, up from 15.86 percent of all votes four years ago.Jobbik

Jobbik had achieved the strongest showing in the past few years for any Nationalist party in the EU and that the only other party on the continent that had performed better was Switzerland’s People’s party which won 26.6% of the vote.

The alliance of leftist opposition parties, which will break up into various smaller parties when the new parliament forms by May 6, received a combined 38 seats.

Jobbik is expected to become the second largest party after that split happens, with 23 seats.

The green party LMP is set to have won five seats in the new parliament

Jobbik’s strong showing, nevertheless, will likely affect Mr. Orban’s second consecutive term in power as it did during his first term, when—soon after it won the 2010 polls in a landslide—his Fidesz party started to adopt policies that were highlighted in Jobbik’s campaign.



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