The BBC is an anachronism in today’s world

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Householders could be required to pay the television licence fee even if they   do not own a television, under proposals being discussed by the BBC.

Lord Hall, the BBC’s director-general, wants to extend the £145.50 annual fee   in response to the growing popularity of iPlayer, which enables viewers to   watch programmes on home computers, mobile phones and tablet devices.

What we have here is a suggestion of new poll tax to pay for the national propaganda channel.BBC 2

The BBC is an anachronism in today’s world and should be dragged into the 21st century by being broken up and privatised.

The way the BBC spends the peoples’ money is scandalous, and they need a belt over the head with  the firm hand of commercial reality, with a removal of the extravagant entitlement culture that has corrupted the organisation.

Frankly, their political bias, and  their sycophantic support of everything EU, coupled with cloying political correctness, is enough to drive away large numbers of their potential audience, and they are now trying to put their hand even deeper into the peoples pockets to support a broad casting service that cannot survive in it’s current form with it’s management culture and entitlement mentality.

What is required is the Abolition of the TV Licence.
Clearly, the BBC is misapplying the TV Licence Fee not only in regards to
payment to Executives and Non-Executives (whether Salary/ Pension/ or
Pay-Offs). The BBC is also still the subject of on-going investigation
(Criminal) regarding the Saville issues. This organisation is unaccountable andrp_BBC-bias-alert-300x198.jpg
not fit for purpose and clearly it is not only Criminally Bankrupt but with
Saville, Immorally Bankrupt. However, the BBC Licence (a de facto Flat Rate
Tax) payable by all UK Residents who possess a TV should be abolished for the
following reason. The BBC Licence originated at a time when BBC accounted for
100% of TV/ Radio Broadcast: Now, in the 21st Century, we have a multitude of
Media Outlets, whilst in a vast majority of cases, the BBC is watched and
seldom listened to by the vast majority of UK people. It is therefore wrong,
unfair and inequitable to require UK Citizens to be compelled to possess a TV
Licence. Further, failure to have a TV Licence can result in a Custodial
Sentence: Surely, given what has happened since its introduction (as aforesaid,
that there are now far more Media Outlets/ Choice) the continuation of the TV
Licence is unjustified. There needs to be a Debate in Parliament and a Bill for
the Abolition of the TV Licence.



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