‘Cinderella Law’….This is an unforgivable overreach by the government.

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A new ‘Cinderella Law’ is set to be introduced in the Queen’s Speech to parliament in early June. The law would expand child neglect laws to cover “emotional cruelty” in the same way that physical or sexual abuse are prosecuted against.

But critics have argued that the law could result in government employees such as social workers attempting to bring proceedings against parents for simply not falling into line with their expectations. Parents found guilty of emotional cruelty could face up to 10 years in prison.big brother1

This is an unforgivable overreach by the government. The people of the UK would be well advised to hold forth against it until it is defeated. Otherwise, they will wake up one morning to find themselves chained.

There’s no way this could lead to any miscarriages of justice given the utmost professionalism, sensitivity and wisdom of Britain’s social workers, council bureaucrats, policemen and judges.

This basically gives the state the right to take children away  from their families on the flimsiest of grounds and it will all be conducted in the secret family courts.

We’ve already seen foster parents who vote UKIP or BNP being deemed unfit to look after children, how many times will we see the Gestapo social services using this law as a pretence to steal children?

How long it will be before a child is taken from their parents by the state because the parents told their children that the claims of AGW alarmists are nonsense?Big brother 1

Just some reasons why your children may be taken from you in future:

You smoke

You are a traditionalist Christian who does not accept same-sex marriage and adoption

You drink too much (in their opinion)

The child has a bruise You were seen smacking your children

You voted BNP

You marched with the EDL

Your child tells her teacher you emotionally abused her (she wasn’t allowed out to meet Wayne last night)

She phones Jimmy Savile’s old friend Esther at ChildLine and says you are a witch

You go on holiday in term time

You won’t allow them to be vaccinated against feline TB

You were seen buying cakes in Tesco

You aren’t claiming benefits

You haven’t employed a Philippina nanny

You won’t allow your children to smoke weed on school trips with their teachers

You said you didn’t like halal meat

You don’t like Russell Brand

You taught your 5 year old to read before she started at school etc etc

The reach of the Nanny State has long descended into insanity, but anyone who could think up this nonsense surely deserves prosecution, without the option of the insanity defence.

How on earth would this be proven in court?



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