The government may hold an investigation, but will do precisely nothing.

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Lutfur Rahman, the extremist-linked mayor of Tower Hamlets, is a worried man today. As reported in this morning’s paper, the Government finally appears to be gearing up for a full investigation into his incredible regime, the subject of a broadcast by the BBC’s Panorama tonight.th

In a memo leaked to the programme, Tower Hamlets’ head of environmental legal services, Jill Bell, warned the council was “vulnerable to legal challenge” after Lutfur and his allies added 94 extra grants, “a number of which were ineligible” under the council’s own rules. Ms Bell’s is now leaving her Tower Hamlets job.

Eric Pickles, the Communities Secretary says there is a worrying pattern of divisive community politics and mismanagement of council staff and resources by the mayoral administration in Tower Hamlets

The government may hold an investigation, but will do precisely nothing imagesPRUI3P3S
to Rahman, because the cries of racist will be heard from here to Land’s End.

This is one of the issues when the resident Leftists all suddenly take an interest in the sports and travel sections of the Daily Telegraph.

Are we all feeling enriched yet? are we all loving the Multiculti experience?

Just three decades to go and people like this will be running the country, but at least we didn’t get called racist, and that’s what matters.

First we read about islamic extremists taking over schools, getting rid of those who oppose them  and teaching the children anti British and pro extremist propaganda.

Now we find that islamic extremists are taking over local government and channelling funds to extremist organisations

What is happening to this country ?  No wonder so many are anti muslim.

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