You can now smell the IPCC’s fear and uncertainty.

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Just look at the increasing numbers of eminent Climate Scientists who are now criticising not only the IPCC’s continuing unsubstantiated and alarmist predictions of man-made climate catastrophe, and the grossly inadequate basis for its forecast economic consequences, but also how the IPCC develops its Reports, vets them, and actually achieves “the consensus” it claims. Science, and scientific methods have yet again been abused and mis-applied. The IPCC’s credibility has been further, irreparably damaged!global_warming_denied_by_politicians

You can now smell the IPCC’s fear and uncertainty. Only now are they beginning to talk about the need to adapt and not mitigate following the failure of the world to adopt their reported “essential” measures to reduce CO2 emissions, and the Developing World completely ignoring them. They have seen that the CO2 levels in the atmosphere cannot be limited to that level beyond which they’ve forecast Armageddon; they know also that the extreme dreaded consequences they have previously predicted have not occurred and have then attempted to change the debate from global warming to climate change, something that is vague and undefined and which has always occurred.

Our politicians and the UK Green Brigade have misled us and cost us dearly.

There is nothing difficult about claimed global warming aka climate change, or how we are to respond to it, and particularly how we allow for it within our UK Energy Policy.The difficulties for us have arisen simply because no one in the DECC, or the HOC and HOL, have ever had both the common sense and the expertise needed to know how to properly and rationally accommodate any environmental problems that may be involved. Too often, and for too long, the debate has been swamped and distorted by opinions, claims and denials which has polarised attitudes and the Governments have proceeded on the basis of throwing unjustified massive amounts of our money at it in response to alarmist CAGW propaganda; the normal rules of long term investment analysis never being applied.

Any environment consideration, such as the consequences of CO2 emissions and consequent temIce-sheet-expansion-global-cooling-2013perature rises and their effects, is just one of many functional requirements with any Power Generation System. They have a cost, including a cost for if they are not accommodated now but left for all necessary consequential, remedial, disruption and repair/replacement actions some time in the future. Stern, has already costed out this latter option per tonne of CO2 generated. Taking the tonnage of CO2 generated by each System of Power Generation per Gwhr of power generated – as maintained and updated in the UK by the DECC, provides a present day CO2 cost per Gwhr power generated for each Power Generated System.

It has always therefore been possible to rationally and fully allow for CAGW supporters’ concerns, without any histrionics or cat fights, within the free competitive market investment analyses required when Suppliers are selecting the Power Systems to be used for additional and replacement Power Generation capacity, by including for Stern’s CO2 costs as some centrally agreed cost within the total life cycle costings for each Power Generation system being considered.

No subsidies, tax breaks or carbon tax considerations are needed, only an open free market. The tragedy is that such a simple solution has never been adopted, markets have been distorted and even destroyed by subsidies and crony capitalism and costs to the consumer have unnecessarily escalated damaging our competitiveness and driving up all our costs.

Allowing for Stern’s CO2 costing within all Power System options’ total system life cycles costs, which for Wind Farms include Wind Turbine, Gas Turbine Standby and Additional Power Transmission costs, and for Nuclear include waste disposal and de-commissioning costs shows quite clearly that neither of these 2 systems would have ever been built. Gas Turbines acting alone as base load units have always been by far the cheapest, most reliable, easiest and quickest option available to fill the UK Energy Gap. This choice is made even more of a no brainer when you consider:

1. the reduced if not stopped temperature increases as now recorded compared to CAGW alarmist theories which launched the CGW crusade, and

2. the amount of uncontrolled CO2 our competitors have since dumped into the atmosphere from their Power Generation Systems, particularly Developing Countries, which has rendered all the UK’s grossly excessive and unaffordable investments in Green Energy to reduce global warming not only ineffective but also a scandalous waste of our money!images43U851GE

Suppliers, working on this basis, would have to invest in R&D to develop new and/or more efficient and cheaper power generation systems within the cost leadership market that is the Power and Energy Market. The same product – electrical power, to all UK customers. Those who don’t get their costs down would then not survive. That was the fundamental basis for the success of the Industrial Revolution which generated our wealth and allowed us to punch well above our weight on the world’s stage. It’s what’s desperately needed now but something clearly beyond the 3 Main UK Political Parties’ and their Governments’ capabilities and experience!

We urgently need Engineers and Project Managers in the HOC and Government; people who understand technological matters and address such problems as this in a rational manner everyday of their working lives!



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