There’s a worse crisis on the way

As reported in the Daily Telegraph

We agree with this

Unless the government is prepared to unwind itself from the trough and see reason, there is little that can be done in the way of cuts.

A little here, a few more front services there, but not much else unless you are happy to see withdrawal of benefits for housing, unemployment benefit and other public social funding – the only things that still allow us to call ourselves civilized.

The correct way to regain economic viability would be to leave the EU (tomorrow preferably), and save £56 million per day. It would upset the big corporates but so what. They can go and avoid tax in another country. Bulldoze the windmills and build some decent clean coal fired power stations. Remove VAT from energy and slash the duty on fuel. Cancel all cheques for foreign aid with the exception of natural disasters.

Close the borders to all unskilled labour and skilled labour without prior employment contracts. Do as the Chinese do and levy a premium on employers who wish to employ from abroad. Pay all unemployed foreigners to leave and then set about putting our own youngsters to work. IDS has it the wrong way round. There’s little point in threatening to remove benefits if there are no jobs.

Have that bonfire of the quangos that Cameron promised but never delivered. In fact he increased the climate warming quango by a third and is in the process of chucking £10 million more at it in a frenzied recruitment drive. These pigs in Westminster certainly know how to waste our money. The climate quango and all related quangos should be the first to go up in smoke – climate is doing what it always does – change. It doesn’t need a quango.

Once we’ve cleared the debris out of the way we can start to look at the rest of the debacle. Why is the BoE intent on inflating another housing bubble for instance? Why are interest rates suppressed? There cannot be a recovery with zero interest rates and daily monetary debasement.

Meanwhile pensions are tanking, savings are being destroyed, capital is misallocated, there is no price discovery, we are flooding the country with useless eaters and paying them, our health service services the entire world and the dreaded ex squid Carney is about to take residence.

There is a raving out of control lunatic in charge. King Charles I was executed for misuse of powers. We need to do something similar.