What a shabby business the media and politics are.

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The real interest in the debate isn’t the reactions of mainstream politicians and journalists, who all have their angle or “line to take”, but those of the members of the general public who have never heard a genuine debate about the merits of our EU membership.images1FQN6ZX6

And in particular they have never heard many of the arguments against our membership, thanks to the relentlessly pro-EU BBC.

That situation has now changed. The genie is out of the bottle. It’s the beginning of the end of our EU membership. And no thanks to David Cameron and the Conservative Party – who were nowhere to be seen.

Clegg came off like he always does, like a primary school headmaster speaking to the children at assembly.

Clegg and his 7% statistic for laws originating from the EU was pure farce

The emerging political reality is that Mr Cameron will be gone soon after the May elections. In particular the May local election results will unambiguously point to a large number of current Tory MPs not returning to the House of Commons after the 2015 General Election. Their choice therefore is straight forward; either Mr Cameron goes before the 2015 General Elections or they go immediately after it. The May 2014 local (and EU) election results will give these soon to be ex-Tory MPs the firm reason to eject Mr Cameron as a failed political leader.

I could not fail to notice the pettiness of the comment from the journalists and politicians in the ‘spin’ room. A couple who were so obviously EU lackeys commented that Farage began to look sweaty! He was under hot studio lights and never once did we see him having to slake his thirst, whilst Clegg drank glass after  glass of water all through the programme. What a shabby business the media and politics are.

The British people are standing up for their country against the Liblabcon and EU elites, about time too.



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