The one debate the Prime Minister is desperate to avoid is of course Europe.

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Our incumbent parties only debate how Britain is governed in areas where they still retain competence.

It is truly shocking that such a fundamental issue involving all the very basic principles of democracy, accountability and freedom can be viewed in the perspective of short term political point scoring by the people in Westminster we have elected to represent us.EU Flag 1

What have we gained by being members of the European union? If there is something I’ve missed please explain why we couldn’t have done it on our own?
As far as I can see its cost us a fortune for nothing in return.

We have to thank NATO for 45yrs of peace,  especially the US and British.

The EU had absolutely no part to play in the Cold War.

As for ‘German wars’, well, the EU has provided both Germany and France everything they ever wanted – they have all the advantages, they have no need to go to war. All the political and economic dice are working for them……….and against the UK, and every other country in Europe.

The EU was never established for the benefit of European nations – it was established – by Frenchmen rp_stalageu-300x198.jpg– to rectify 200yrs of French failure, humiliation and loss of prestige.

Great Britain – one of the greatest nations on the planet is supplicant to……..two Belgians, a Portuguese, a nutty German, a Luxemburger and a treacherous harridan from Essex.

I’m sure that Cameron is very well aware of the outcome of Lord Ashcroft’s poll, and of the 72% of respondents who have “not much, little or no confidence” in Cameron’s chances of winning any real improvement in the terms of our EU membership. The result? Cameron carries on, acting as though it’s all in the bag, and hoping that, at the eleventh hour, he can pull his old trick of giving a belter of a speech, and get away with it again.

But I think he’s done that too many times, and (as with Miliband) the public have seen enough and heard enough to get Cameron’s measure. It will take more than a glib speech to make them change their minds in the sort of numbers he needs, in order to hang on to the Tory leadership, let alone win a majority next year.



Juno for your news
You cannot trust the mainstream media

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