To be teaching English as a second language, suggests other language/s are being taught as first. And this in ENGLAND

Teachers at the multi-ethnic City of Leeds School plan to teach English as a second language even to its British-born pupils in a radical attempt to improve standards at the 314-pupil secondary judged to ‘require improvement’ by Ofsted

Headmistress Georgiana Sale said the community secondary, where most pupils are from a range of minority ethnic backgrounds, was having to ‘rethink the way we do things’ because fewer than a quarter of pupils have English as their mother tongue.

How can our government have let this happen, when all those lives which were lost in 2 world wars, and for what our ancestors fought for, how is this allowed to continue under our noses….rp_school-classroom-300x225.jpg

English should always be a compulsory course and not viewed as a foreign language. Every test (except for the actual foreign language ones) should be done in english. If they can’t understand the questions, they need to take additional schooling lessons to learn better English.

no other country on the planet hates it’s own people like this one!

This is the beginning of the end of Britain as we know it, teaching 50 different countries to speak english. This once great country, that my father and others like him fought for is being brought to its knees by the rest of the freeloading countries of the the world, and like Nero, our politicians watch as the UK is destroyed.

Tsunami after tsunami after tsunami.  We have been invaded and conquered and meanwhile the bleeding heart heart wringers in their happy-clappy multi-coloured Westminster do nothing.  At this rate the country with the help of the Law Society, will become Islamic and all of us will be called to prayers every morning.  I feel utterly betrayed.

If you want to get really wound up go and have a look at the school`s web site. There is a parents evening. One hour set aside for translation into Urdu and another hour set aside for Czech and Polish speakers.  The school has now  employed new staff who speak Czech, Romanian, Russian and German to help the children settle into the school and learn English. These staff will also be able to speak to you in these languages and will also translate our letters. Integration? I don`t think so. More like invasion.



Juno for your news
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