The BBC alongside the rest of the MSM is controlled propaganda providing us with the illusion of free speech.

The BBC may be financially bankrupt, but it’s certainly been morally bankrupt for a very long time and it certainly has no moral right to extract wealth from us to support its existence. In reality it is an invaluable resource for the state as a creator and propagator of propaganda, so it will never be allowed to collapse as such. It is the state itself that requires radical reform. The BBC is a paper tiger.rp_labour-BBC.jpg

The sooner this political organisation goes the better. Its one thing producing news and current affairs that have a liberal-left bias, its another when iIam forced to pay for it.
I quite simply don’t trust the BBC news at all after they have nailed their colours to the mast about catastrophic man made global warming, of which there is no proof and no consensus as regards consequence and climate sensitivity.
If the BBC were to accept that the climate has always changed, that CO2 is a greenhouse gas, that man does affect the environment and climate BUT that the consequences are in dispute and that the level of climate sensitivity is uncertain, and that not all warming will be harmful, it would be a start. In the meantime I watch a variety of news sources to try and gain an idea about what might actually be happening in any news item rather than religiously following the BBC